Vogt-CTE is a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing top-quality products to our customers in the Military and Public Safety Sectors.  Our products are portable, configurable, and simple to use so jobs can be done easily and effectively. Our expertise is in trading and sales, consulting, and training of our products, primarily to the firefighting and rescue industry.  Our commitment to our customers drives our focus to find and offer the most advanced and technologically sound battery-powered products on the market.  The companies we partner with are pioneering and lead the way with innovative and effective products, such as positive pressure fans from BlowHard, the search and rescue camera Firstlook360 form Agility Technologies Corporation, rapid deployable communication solutions from Base Camp Connect, and the emergency LED signaling light, CARE-FLARE.

Vogt-CTE stands for

While Vogt-CTE is a newer and upcoming company, we have 35 years of experience in the Public Safety and Military industry, familiar with the applications and strategies used.  We are experts in positive pressure ventilation and are advocates for proper usage, techniques and strategies in the field.

Advice on the application of products to Public Safety and Military

Trade and training of our unique and innovative products

Organization of demonstrations and training, advanced education and exchange of experience